About Me
Hi! I'm Andy. Online I go by andythestreet (a reference to a favorite comic book character!) I'm an LA-based artist with emphasis on character art.
I'm heavily influenced by old cartoons, retrofuturism, the artwork of the 1960's and 1970's, and sooo much more. Since my artwork has heavy emphasis on nostalgia, I emulate the feel of various time periods. Aesthetic authenticity is important to me, because I love when my artwork looks like it's straight out of the time period I'm referencing; If something can really invoke nostalgic feelings then I feel like it's successful.
That said, I've learned to adapt my art style in many different ways so that I'm not too limited and can fit the needs of whatever project I'm working on. If I want to vary my realism or tackle a different theme I don't normally do, I will. But mainly, when I make artwork for myself, my goal is to emphasize bold colors, contrasting shapes, and personality.