About Me
 Hello, I'm Andy! I'm a Los Angeles based artist who wears a lot of different hats: Animation, illustration, design... all these hats at once must be a fashion statement! I also go by my username, @andythestreet, which is based off of a comic book character that I like.
I graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2019 with a focus on film and animation. During this time, I had access to the famous Chicago museum, the AIC, where I was able to view some of the greatest works in art history...and then proceed to draw wacky little cartoons. Cartoons are an art form too! Currently, I'm working freelance doing commissions as well as personal projects.
I take a lot of influence from different eras of cartoons and fashion, and my work has a particular emphasis on bold colors. When it comes to illustration, I am interested in flatness and stylization rather than realism. I think of the characters I illustrate as dolls or toys with an undertone of mischief or sinisterness; However it's also important to me for my characters to look exaggerated and lively, especially in my character designs and animation. I have a lot of fun recreating different animation styles, and reimagining characters in different ways. My style is adaptable and fluctuates depending on the project; Sometimes I lean towards extremely cartoony and other times I feel more influenced by more complex, comic book or anime art styles. I also tend to sketch fast and loosely with importance on gesture, and this applies to rough animating as well. I just love drawing and animating, and do it every chance I get.
In my downtime, I'm probably still drawing for personal projects, or visiting antique shops. 
Please feel free to reach out about your next project. I'm available for character, animation, and illustration, shoot me an email at andythestreet@gmail.com
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